Molly Goldberg

Art Jaffe actually saved me. I’ve never written a review for anyone or for anything but this needs to be said. I came in, hoping that after my third or fourth appointment that I would feel better. I had an ongoing migraine and I was on my 6th day of not being able to function from the pain. I had tried going to a chiropractor, I had been taking a lot of Advil, and I had even taken a Percocet because I couldn’t take the pain. Finally, I discovered Art online. Within the first 15 MINUTES, my 6 day migraine was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I was totally in shock. I’m now going to Art forever. He is a miracle worker. I wish I could have paid him a million dollars for what he did. I’ve never been so grateful. Thank you, Art. I thank you more than you will ever know.

Dylan Faller

I went to see Art for the first time a week ago. I had been dealing with TMJ pain and muscle tension in my jaw, ears, eyes, head, neck and shoulders for over 5 years. I had visited numerous chiropractors and TMJ doctors and none of them could fully relieve the pain that I was feeling. In one visit, Art was able to relieve the pain and tension that I was feeling. I woke up the next day feeling tension and pain free for the first time in a long time. I would 100% recommend Art to anybody who is dealing with muscle tension and pain anywhere in their body. Art is truly a miracle worker!

Scarlett McNally

After 4 years of sensitive muscles and back pain, I found Arthur Jaffe via a Google search. There are few people in NYC practicing neuromuscular therapy and even fewer who do the job like Art does. He was my second try at finding a good doctor, and as much as I hate to admit it, he just might be my last. Make sure he teaches you about Breathwork – it can change your life.

Scarlett McNally

Sean Brennan

“I am a brick-layer by trade. The spasms in my back were so severe that during these episodes, I was unable to work for days. I had pain in the front and back of my legs. My right foot was numb; my lower back felt like a bread-board. I had tension between my shoulders which also caused headaches. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours a night.

I had been going to my chiropractor three times a week, and was getting no relief. My co-worker Brain recommended Art to me.

On my first visit, Art started to work on my back. During the visit I could actually fell the negative energy leave my body. I went home and slept for 10 hour straight! After three more visits, all my symptoms were gone. I still visit Art for therapy, and have recommended him to several people – many of whom have taken me out to dinner because they, too, have finally found something that relieves them from pain.

Under Art’s direction, I have become proactive in m back care. I have taken up yoga and swimming. I also take part in weight loss programs. He ha also made me a much more positive and well as pain-free person.”

Sean Brennan
Contractor and Brick Layer