Hector Contreras

I met Art at a summer BBQ 5 years ago. I saw him from a distance and I could feel his awesome energy. We chatted and exchanged cards. I am a massage therapist, a personal trainer and a yoga instructor. So I am always looking for ways to heal myself. I was preparing for an arduous Kettle Bell fitness test, and after six months of nonstop training my body was a mess. ‘Specially my left side. I was living with constant shoulder, neck and hip pain. I called Art and booked a session. I really didn’t know what to expect so I showed up with an open heart. The technique is amazing! In one session I felt a big difference. But Roma was not built in a day, so I booked a few more. The pain is gone my range of motion is back to normal. If you live with pain, from doing too much or from an injury give Art a try. I tell you is not a massage. You don’t even take your clothes off. What it is, is a life changing experience. Thank you Art for sharing your gift. Blessing and Health to you my friend.

David McCallum

Art is simply one of the most gifted holistic massage therapists I’ve encountered anywhere. His spiral technique of softening, lengthening, and loosening the fascia relieved pain and tension and helped me regain a much greater range of motion in a single visit. He is incredibly skilled in working the deepest levels of muscular and fascial tissue and is so intentional in helping the body relearn its own wisdom and suppleness. Because his level of competence is so high and the technique he uses so rare, I think he’s a simply a master. He needs to consider opening a school to teach this method!


David McCallum SJ, EdD

Teachers College, Columbia University

Joyce Falkowski

Art Jaffe has an intuitive gift for relieving pain and restoring function in the fastest time possible. He took me from walking on 2 canes with 8/10 pain level (and great difficulty) to walking freely,pain decreased to barely noticeable 1/10. My first session with Art occurred  2 months after I’d had a serious accident on icy pavement (with a C5-6, 6-7 neck injury and traumatic brain injury). I had had energy work, massage, chiropractic care and steroids to reduce the brain swelling. Art works miracles with his technique. My life and function was restored by his competence and caring. That was in 2003 and I’ve been an avid fan of this work ever since. I no longer live in NY, but I still see him as often as I can.


Joyce Falkowski

Retired RN, CCRNe and Reiki Master

Sam P.

I have been seeing Art over a number of years and he has addressed a number of painful challenges beginning with neuropathy in my feet in 2004.  Sessions with Art provide relief when traditional medicine has only offered drugs to treat symptoms or possible surgical approaches.  As exhausting as a session can be for the amount of physical work performed is extensive, I have never felt better than when I leave his office.  In addition to the neuropathy, Art has used his technique to relieve extensive lower back pain and stiffness as well as shoulder and rotater cuff area stiffness and swelling.

Homework assignments of various exercises have proved invaluable in allowing me to overcome out of balance stance and the type of secondary stiffness and pain resulting from overcompensating for various changes in my gate and posture due to to neoropathy, hip wear and ankle deterioration.


I meet Art on one of the races organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.. He was volunteering in the medical. After my first appointment in his office, I finally realized why everybody was so eager to get his help. His unique technique and profound anatomy knowledge makes him capable to release you from some problems that you was carrying with you for years and years and already give up the hope to be ever able to get rid of it.
Almost every time I saw him in his office, I experienced some small wonders afterwards. Like becoming back the sensation on the skin underneath of a long scar on the thigh that became numb after the surgery, more than twenty years ago. Or being able to run marathon and even improve the time, comparing to the last year, even tough, few days before I wasn’t able to run at all…
He is also able to give you valuable advices and show you exercises to do at home.
Since he is able to reach in one session an improvement, for which the other therapists need ten or more sessions, if at all, it is also good deal from the financial point of view.
I can recommend Art to everybody who already, unsuccessfully, tried everything to solve problems with their musculoskeletal system.
Also to everybody else, but the first ones will definitely be able to appreciate his work much more.
Last but not least, Art is also very nice person. With him, you don’t only gain a world class therapist but also a new friend ..

Emeka Okafor

My name is Emeka Okafor and I am a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association (NBA). I started my career with the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and played for the New Orleans Hornets as well as the Washington Wizards. I have been in the NBA for 10 years and named the 2004 NBA Rookie of the Year. Prior to being drafted in the NBA, I was a member of the 2004 NCAA Championship Team, the University of Connecticut Huskies. Upon winning the title and graduating from college in three years, I was named to the 2004 USA Men’s Basketball team and represented my country in the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

In my field, restorative treatments are one of the most paramount components to having a successful career. I worked with many different practitioners and body workers and Arthur Jaffe is one of the finest and most talented. His intuitive, in depth knowledge of the human body and easy-going personality makes him an instrumental piece on the road to recovery. I can personally attest to his specific knowledge and expertise in healing. In the short while that I have had the privilege of working with Arthur, I have seen long held physical and emotional tension melt away. During each session I can (literally) feel my body clock being turn back as my muscles relax, aches disappear, and youthful vigor return.

I have personally consulted with Arthur and plan to continue working closely with him for the remainder of my career as a professional basketball player. I would recommend him to my family members as well as any player in the NBA or other professional sporting organizations in the United States. He truly is a uniquely qualified individual in the realm of healing.

Emeka Okafor
NBA & Olympic Basketball Player

John Rogers

“I wanted to sit down and write this letter so I could share with you the dramatic improvements that have taken place with my body since our neuromuscular therapy began. I need to bore you with a few details about my health history and background first.

I played football for 16 years which took a negative toll on m body. Within a three year period, I had reconstructive knee surgery, tore my hip flexor, severely strained my lower back, not to mention numerous concussions, broken hands, ribs, etc. While I had a love affair with the game of football, I began to realize that it took away my health, mobility, and at times my normal frame of mind. Once my time on the gridiron ran out, all of the past injuries came back to haunt me. I developed severe pain in my hips and upper back. I have visited dozens of chiropractors and specialists with no luck of ridding myself of the pain. The constant pain began to also impact on my frame of mind. Just a few years ago, I felt invincible, always ready to rise to any physical challenge. Suddenly I could not even get up from the floor or climb the stairs without considerable help. At 27 years old, I felt 77 and in my mind was a constant feeling of defeat. My three-year-old daughter would ask me to sit on the floor and read her books. I would have to explain to her that Daddy just couldn’t do that. I was missing out on precious moments with my little girl. Simple tasks like finding my shoes were no longer possible and had to be done by my wife because I just couldn’t bend down to get on my knees to look under the bed.

After these last couple of years of pain and low self-esteem, I sought your help. In today’s world, society loosely uses the term “great.” I have always felt that this term “great” should be used for things like the Mona Lisa, Babe Ruth, the Sistine Chapel. Let me say this: Art Jaffe is GREAT. My pain is entirely gone. I can run, jump, and most importantly, sit on the floor and read to my daughter. My mental frame of mind has improved 100 fold. Nothing seems like a challenge anymore and I feel like I could play football again. Everyday when I wake up, I smile because I knew that my worse day being pain free will be better than my best day when I was in pain. Thank you, Art, for giving me a new lease on life.”

John Rogers
College Football Player

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

“Arthur Jaffe has evolved a powerful psychophysical technique that can relieve chronic pain and increase muscular flexibility and strength. He’s worked with a number of my friend and students in ways that have enhanced their well-being and mobility.”

Jean Houston, Ph.D.
World-renowned social anthropologist, author,
adviser to the United Nations and President William Jefferson Clinton.