In some sense, I have been enjoying this work all my life:  I remember using my hands to relieve the pain in my father’s neck when I was just seven years old.

My father’s relief, and the gratitude he expressed at that time, began to inform my awareness of the potential power of bodywork. There began for me a lifelong process of study and discovery that was fueled by a desire to free people from pain, stress and suffering, as well as to stimulate their vitality, freedom and agility. I have pursued and studied, for decades, both ancient and advanced techniques from around the world. These understandings are now integrated into a profoundly powerful and immediately effective method of deep tissue release work that I call Spiral Techniques. Having developed an international clientele, I have practiced and taught on four continents.  The work has been widely successful in helping to heal a remarkably diverse number of ailments. I enthusiastically invite you to experience this work!