Sean Brennan

“I am a brick-layer by trade. The spasms in my back were so severe that during these episodes, I was unable to work for days. I had pain in the front and back of my legs. My right foot was numb; my lower back felt like a bread-board. I had tension between my shoulders which also caused headaches. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours a night.

I had been going to my chiropractor three times a week, and was getting no relief. My co-worker Brain recommended Art to me.

On my first visit, Art started to work on my back. During the visit I could actually fell the negative energy leave my body. I went home and slept for 10 hour straight! After three more visits, all my symptoms were gone. I still visit Art for therapy, and have recommended him to several people – many of whom have taken me out to dinner because they, too, have finally found something that relieves them from pain.

Under Art’s direction, I have become proactive in m back care. I have taken up yoga and swimming. I also take part in weight loss programs. He ha also made me a much more positive and well as pain-free person.”

Sean Brennan
Contractor and Brick Layer