G. Weiser

I came to see Art for a protruding disk in my cervical spine. The nerve was causing pain to radiate down my arm and into my hands/fingers. From the first session I noticed a major improvement in the pain. More importantly, every part of my body was loose – even my mind was free. This isn’t like any other work I’ve experienced.

Lise Soskolne

I highly recommend working with Art Jaffe, and I say work because he goes further than providing immediate relief in a single session for the most stubborn knots and pain – he gives you the tools to help yourself beyond his amazing spiral technique. Art understands the body structurally, medically, and intuitively and he’s extremely generous with his knowledge and time. Thank you Art!

Titiaan Palazzi

This is the real deal. If you have tension, tightness, or pain, chronic or acute, go and see Art Jaffe.

Art will heal you. After a session you will feel like a different person. You may even discover that the actual source of your tension is much different than what you thought.

This is completely different than traditional PT. Art masters knowledge of the human body, and will work deep into your soft tissues. He will also give you practical tips that help you help yourself, such as dietary recommendations.


Sari Saghoian, M.D.

Dear Art,

I don’t quite know how to express what you have done for me. Whatever it is, it’s a very good thing. Your own words – about restoring the body I was born with – feel more descriptive than any others I can come up with. I’ve been living with tightness and restriction in my back and hips for so many years, and have tried many modalities of bodywork to try and relieve the pain. Many things have helped – for a day or two. The work you did with me feels more like a release than simply a relief. I immediately had more mobility and relaxation in my body. What’s more wonderful – and amazing – is that my muscles have actually continued to become softer in the weeks since. Even after two long-distance plane flights (which usually turn my back into a brick) my shoulders are still “down” and not tethered to the back of my skull like they’ve been winched up with a thick cord. I think I am breathing more deeply. This is very big stuff that you do. THANK YOU.

Sari Saghoian, M.D.
Professor of Toxicology, N.Y.U. Med. Center