Lamar Lowery

My Name is Lamar! I work as A Professional Personal Coach in Germany in the Lamar Training Academy! I met Arthur on the connect2017 in University of Ulm in Germany! I have been having some shoulder joint issue dealing specifically with shoulder joint muscles, well Arthur got to work on me and within a short time he figured out the problem specifically and proceeded to theraputically manipulate the area with his Neuromuscular Therapy ! I feel very thankful to have Met you Arthur with Your Kind and generous spirit ! I Would suggest and refer him anytime

Alyssa C

I recently decided to go to Art because my neck and shoulders were extremely tight and would make cracking/popping sounds when I moved them. I had been to physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and I never felt as if there were any major improvements – just temporary relief. Art was the first to inform me that I actually had what’s called “snapping scapula”. After just two sessions, I feel an extremely noticeable difference. I finally have more ease of movement and less cracking than I’ve had in over a year. He uses a very unique and individualized technique that I have not experienced or seen before. He also gave me specific exercises to do to help speed up the process. I highly recommend him!

Hector Contreras

I met Art at a summer BBQ 5 years ago. I saw him from a distance and I could feel his awesome energy. We chatted and exchanged cards. I am a massage therapist, a personal trainer and a yoga instructor. So I am always looking for ways to heal myself. I was preparing for an arduous Kettle Bell fitness test, and after six months of nonstop training my body was a mess. ‘Specially my left side. I was living with constant shoulder, neck and hip pain. I called Art and booked a session. I really didn’t know what to expect so I showed up with an open heart. The technique is amazing! In one session I felt a big difference. But Roma was not built in a day, so I booked a few more. The pain is gone my range of motion is back to normal. If you live with pain, from doing too much or from an injury give Art a try. I tell you is not a massage. You don’t even take your clothes off. What it is, is a life changing experience. Thank you Art for sharing your gift. Blessing and Health to you my friend.

Dylan Faller

I went to see Art for the first time a week ago. I had been dealing with TMJ pain and muscle tension in my jaw, ears, eyes, head, neck and shoulders for over 5 years. I had visited numerous chiropractors and TMJ doctors and none of them could fully relieve the pain that I was feeling. In one visit, Art was able to relieve the pain and tension that I was feeling. I woke up the next day feeling tension and pain free for the first time in a long time. I would 100% recommend Art to anybody who is dealing with muscle tension and pain anywhere in their body. Art is truly a miracle worker!

Titiaan Palazzi

This is the real deal. If you have tension, tightness, or pain, chronic or acute, go and see Art Jaffe.

Art will heal you. After a session you will feel like a different person. You may even discover that the actual source of your tension is much different than what you thought.

This is completely different than traditional PT. Art masters knowledge of the human body, and will work deep into your soft tissues. He will also give you practical tips that help you help yourself, such as dietary recommendations.


Sam P.

I have been seeing Art over a number of years and he has addressed a number of painful challenges beginning with neuropathy in my feet in 2004.  Sessions with Art provide relief when traditional medicine has only offered drugs to treat symptoms or possible surgical approaches.  As exhausting as a session can be for the amount of physical work performed is extensive, I have never felt better than when I leave his office.  In addition to the neuropathy, Art has used his technique to relieve extensive lower back pain and stiffness as well as shoulder and rotater cuff area stiffness and swelling.

Homework assignments of various exercises have proved invaluable in allowing me to overcome out of balance stance and the type of secondary stiffness and pain resulting from overcompensating for various changes in my gate and posture due to to neoropathy, hip wear and ankle deterioration.

Stephen Brock

Art goes DEEP! I’m a working musician with a chronically bad shoulder and he helped me in a way no other doctor or healer has been able to. He got in there, got results and kindly took the time to show me stretches and exercises to keep my positive momentum going.

Art has such a welcoming way about him, both strong and gentle, that he instantly put me at ease. During our session, he gave me an in-depth descriptions of his techniques, my issues and their possible roots, and the legacy of his teachers and students.

I’ve been to physical therapy, massage parlors, yoga classes – you name it. Art is the first guy to actually CHANGE my shoulder, not just relieve the pain for a moment. For that, I am eternally grateful! Thanks Art!

Stephen Brock


Dino Kiritsis

” I endured pain in my left knee for years and years, due to athletics and various injuries recieved during my time in law enforcement. When Art, a regular customer, walked into my shop, he noticed the knee brace I was wearing and offered to help me out with it. I had no idea how he could do that, but ten minutes later, the pain was almost gone. i haven’t worn the brace since that day. When he came in today, I had trouble remembering even which knee it was that had hurt me for so long. Thanks, Art ”

Dino Kiritsis

Elizabeth (Lisa) Tusay

Dear Art:

“I’m writing to thank you for the amazing work you do. When I first came to see you, I was in near-constant knee-pain from a car accident in January of 1995. I couldn’t walk up stairs without it feeling like bone-on-bone crunching and coming down stairs was even worse. I felt like my knees were going to go out on me with every shaky step. I tried physical therapy but
the exercises were so painful and I wasn’t seeing any results so I gave up on it. My doctor had me stop all impact activities (like jogging and step aerobics) and told me to manage the pain with Ibuprophen. He said that when I got the maximum daily dose and my even still pain level was unbearable, then I could come back for cortisone shots to manage the inflammation and
pain. But he said that even those shots would be a temporary measure and eventually I would probably need knee replacement surgery.

Finally, in the fall of 2007, I came to see you. I had never been to an NMT before and I was a bit skeptical of your non-conventional therapies. Just one hour later, I could actually bend my knees without pain or fear for the first time in more than a decade. I was a skeptic no more. Between the exercises you suggested I do at home (which don’t hurt!) and the visits to
your office, I am now able to go jogging with my dogs.

Not only have you helped me physically, but my whole outlook on life has really changed. I didn’t realize how being in constant pain had affected my world-view until that pain was lifted. Now I feel confident to try new things and have even started my own company!

You are a truly gifted healer and I would highly recommend your practice to
anyone in pain.”

Elizabeth (Lisa) Tusay
Co-founder of PhinLi Bookings, LLC