I meet Art on one of the races organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.. He was volunteering in the medical. After my first appointment in his office, I finally realized why everybody was so eager to get his help. His unique technique and profound anatomy knowledge makes him capable to release you from some problems that you was carrying with you for years and years and already give up the hope to be ever able to get rid of it.
Almost every time I saw him in his office, I experienced some small wonders afterwards. Like becoming back the sensation on the skin underneath of a long scar on the thigh that became numb after the surgery, more than twenty years ago. Or being able to run marathon and even improve the time, comparing to the last year, even tough, few days before I wasn’t able to run at all…
He is also able to give you valuable advices and show you exercises to do at home.
Since he is able to reach in one session an improvement, for which the other therapists need ten or more sessions, if at all, it is also good deal from the financial point of view.
I can recommend Art to everybody who already, unsuccessfully, tried everything to solve problems with their musculoskeletal system.
Also to everybody else, but the first ones will definitely be able to appreciate his work much more.
Last but not least, Art is also very nice person. With him, you don’t only gain a world class therapist but also a new friend ..

Lynette Marks

“Two years ago, I severely injured my right foot /ankle/hip (broken culcaneous, dislocation of ankle, bi-lateral tear of Achilles’ tendon, bruised and scraped torn muscles into back). The road to recovery had been along and challenging one. The ankle continued to swell and cause pain, and many compensatory patterns in the muscles persisted despite long bouts of physical therapy, various forms of massage and other healing modalities.

My first session with Art Jaffe was a 20 minute introduction. After this treatment, the pain reduction was around 50%, and the increase in mobility and range of motion increased by 40%. And I experienced enough improvement to do a second session, which was long because I live 9 hours away and can only see Art once per month. I let him work until he stopped, and that turned out to be 3 hours, Major body changes have resulted from this session. I no longer feel my foot is one solid muscle! I am working to maintain the higher degree of flexibility/range of motion that resulted from this session not only in my foot but throughout my body. Even my teeth have been realigning as a result of this session. My hips are far more flexible and far less painful. I have more strength throughout my body which shows itself when I pick things up I am no longer over-compensating for old injuries. I do not have to brace myself to pick things up.”

Lynette Marks
Nurse, LBMT, MA, Certified Reflexologist