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Each session begins with a consultation. While each session is framed by a standard protocol to address the entire body, the work addresses each client’s individual needs.

Because change occurs from session to session, every session is a unique, organic interaction between client and practitioner.

The work includes techniques that represent a synergy of healing modalities: among these are profoundly deep tissue release work, mobilization, assisted resistance, stretching techniques, energy work, and other specialized somatic bodywork procedures. Decisions are made about which procedures to use from the dynamic component in the work that is driven by the client’s particular challenges.

Clients are frequently given tools with which to maintain their improvement at home both between sessions and after the work is concluded.

Specially designed custom equipment is often used in the course of a session. These varied pieces allow deeper access into the tissue with greater comfort to the client, and they include:

The therapeutic arch: primarily used to facilitate releases in the back and sacrum.



The posture seat: used to facilitate work on the neck, shoulder/trapezius, scapula, upper back, thighs and chest.



Extension to the posture seat: may be used to access parts of the body from different angles and positions, as well as parts of the body that are more difficult to reach.



Butterfly: a figure 8 shaped apparatus used for deep releases in the back, neck and shoulders.


The floor mat: allows for Maori and other specialized footwork to be performed, further facilitating deep release, with the advantage of being able to cover large areas of the body efficiently.

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