Molly Goldberg

Art Jaffe actually saved me. I’ve never written a review for anyone or for anything but this needs to be said. I came in, hoping that after my third or fourth appointment that I would feel better. I had an ongoing migraine and I was on my 6th day of not being able to function from the pain. I had tried going to a chiropractor, I had been taking a lot of Advil, and I had even taken a Percocet because I couldn’t take the pain. Finally, I discovered Art online. Within the first 15 MINUTES, my 6 day migraine was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I was totally in shock. I’m now going to Art forever. He is a miracle worker. I wish I could have paid him a million dollars for what he did. I’ve never been so grateful. Thank you, Art. I thank you more than you will ever know.