Sam P.

I have been seeing Art over a number of years and he has addressed a number of painful challenges beginning with neuropathy in my feet in 2004.  Sessions with Art provide relief when traditional medicine has only offered drugs to treat symptoms or possible surgical approaches.  As exhausting as a session can be for the amount of physical work performed is extensive, I have never felt better than when I leave his office.  In addition to the neuropathy, Art has used his technique to relieve extensive lower back pain and stiffness as well as shoulder and rotater cuff area stiffness and swelling.

Homework assignments of various exercises have proved invaluable in allowing me to overcome out of balance stance and the type of secondary stiffness and pain resulting from overcompensating for various changes in my gate and posture due to to neoropathy, hip wear and ankle deterioration.

Maxi Cohen

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“Your work was so stellar. I can’t believe I am not limping! I feel great, and the work cleared so much — even a mild depression I have felt the last couple weeks.

The work was good. My body is balanced, and I released so, so, so much pain.”

Maxi Cohen
Artist, Filmmaker