Teaching in New Mexico 2017

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I’ve spent a lot of time doing this work. There has been a lot of focus and time and energy learning it from Dyal Singh Khalsa and Mark Lamm. Both of them are gone now. I’ve always thought that this work should be spread throughout the world, and become as popular as any other somatic healing modality, like chiropractic work, Swedish Massage, Feldenkrais, Qigong, and the Alexander technique.

So being that Mark and Dyal are no longer here with us and that this work is so potent, whether or not I really feel ready, I feel it is time for me put more energy into teaching and impart to others what has so generously been given to me. With that in mind over the years I’ve given a little bit of training to a few people who are close to me, but last summer I decided to take the bull by the horns in a more aggressive way and I went down to Haiti with a UN affiliated NGO where I was a speaker at a conference on spirituality and psychotherapy –  and at the same time I worked with ten students from that group, teaching them to release the neck, shoulders and upper back. Following my trip to Haiti, I was honored to be invited out to Santa Fe to work with an organization of Native American runners, called Wings of America. What they have done for the past twenty-seven years is organize healthy, outdoor youth activities with a real focus amongst these activities in training those interested in becoming very skilled and effective long distance runners. This has resulted in many dozens of them gaining college scholarships and graduating from universities around the country. In point of fact, their field director, Dustin Martin, a graduate of Columbia here in NYC, has also become one of my students, and has enthusiastically embraced the work and become very effective at using the Spiral Techniques. Many of these people are college running stars themselves, graduates of the same program who want to give back. I went out and treated many of them and their guest speakers at their annual meeting, and then I taught a group of ten for a couple of days. I told them that they use their legs and feet with such great effect, and I was going to teach them to use their legs and feet to heal.The organization Wings of America, is very valuable to getting children and young adults, especially ones in the environments these children come from which put them particularly at risk, into healthy and beneficial physical activities. I’ve been honored with a request to return this June for their annual meeting and training.
Book time now before I leave! I will be traveling the first of June until the fifth. Thursday until Monday night!


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In the 1960s, American farmers started to use a revolutionary hybrid wheat. It was a shorter stalk, averaging 16 inches high instead of the classic 24 inches, and they could grow 3 or 4 crops a year! Not only was it prolific, but it was also resistant to bugs. That’s how the United States became known as the “breadbasket of the world”. The only thing is not only is this wheat resistant to bugs, who have trouble digesting it, but so do people.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who I’ve met several times and who serves as Bill Clinton’s physician, a groundbreaking physician famous for what is called “functional medicine”, wheat causes inflammation. We should stop eating wheat. To paraphrase Dr. Hyman as he spoke on his PBS special, he said he doesn’t mean inflammation like a swollen finger. He means inflammation like leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. That whatever you put in your body that you can’t digest causes inflammation. That’s just the way it is. In that talk, he said that approximately 10 percent of people have celiac disease. But it’s not about celiac disease or gluten. It’s about the wheat itself. Especially this new hybrid he calls FrankenWheat.

The paleo diet has become very popular. Our bodies are essentially the same as they were one hundred thousand years ago. Evolution happens slowly. So we don’t have any trouble digesting foods from a hundred thousand years ago. We don’t have any trouble digesting cooked foods, which have been around for eons. But farming is relatively new in the evolutionary scheme of things. And grains, because of that, are more difficult for us to digest. The American hybrid wheat is especially difficult to digest because it has been bred to be difficult to digest. It is having a very negative impact on individuals’, on virtually everyone.

I would like to tell you something from my personal experience. For years I was suffering with arthritis in my hands. I’d wake up in the morning, and I couldn’t make a fist. My fingers were so stiff, and I had trigger finger in one of my fingers. And then during the day, little by little, I’d get more usage back. I was fortunate enough to meet a life coach, and through her, I met Dr. Hyman. She and I used to do exchanges, and I think I got the better of the deal. She put me on Dr. Hyman’s diet, and that meant no white food including grains and especially wheat. Not only did I lose a bunch of weight, but I became more energetic, more resilient, could exercise without getting sore, wasn’t pulling and straining things like I used to, and the arthritis in my hands went away. I’m still not eating wheat and the arthritis has not returned. This inflammation, produced by wheat, is not just in the digestive tract. It is implicated in a whole host of diseases including those of the brain and nervous system. See the book “Grain Brain” by Dr. Perlmutter, famous neurologist and biochemist.

You can’t sit down to a meal without being offered wheat on the table in the form of bread or crackers. For free! Because it’s so cheap and plentiful. And it’s so satisfying to the palate. It’s satisfying to the palate because our genetic makeup is such that pleasure hormones are triggered by high-calorie foods. And bread is definitely one of those. So it gives us the same kind of satisfaction as alcohol or drugs or sex – it produces dopamine. Which is a pleasure hormone. For more information, read on!

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So I would suggest you seriously consider cutting down on or eliminating wheat consumption and realize how pervasive it is. We can work together to get rid of this inflammation and other challenges that may be plaguing you.

When a new client comes to see me, I can usually tell if their diet is really poor because of the amount of inflammation that they have in their bodies. I can help them get rid of inflammation, but I cannot stop them from recreating it – I can only help them maintain, and advise them in a healthy direction. I see my job as helping people return to full function. That’s the aim of these newsletters.

Teaching In New Mexico 2016

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I spent my birthday in the beginning of June in New Mexico, with a group called Wings of America. They’re an organization of Native American running coaches who have developed programmes over the last 27 years to go to multiple reservations around the country and teach kids running skills and games and healthy outdoor activities. The programmes get them to connect with each other in healthy ways and help to nurture values that promote a self-supportive and self-reliant culture. Native Americans are traditionally some of the greatest long distance runners in the world, and have been for centuries. These young coaches work very hard. They have a grueling schedule, traveling in groups all around the country to Native American reservations. Some of them are star college athletes, due to their participation in this organization as children themselves.


My first introduction to this group was through a documentary filmmaker named Sanjay Rawal, whose last documentary was the award-winning ‘Food Chains’ about the striking migrant workers in the tomato industry in Florida and their efforts to raise their feet from one penny per pound to two pennies. He is in the process of creating a documentary on traditional long distance running cultures around the world. He invited me out to the Four Corners Navajo Reservation where I was working with runners and others in the annual Canyon De Chelley super marathon. There I met the field director, Dustin Martin. I worked with the top two runners when they finished – Dustin was number two, an amazing runner. As a beneficiary of this program himself, he studied at and graduated from Columbia on a runner’s scholarship. Then he returned out of a well developed sense of responsibility, devotion, and gratitude to help other people in any way that he could. (It may be of note that he just led a team of runners up to Standing Rock, where he said he used the skills I’ve taught him on many people there. And considering the immense hardship these Brave people have taken upon themselves and endured, Dustin’s work must have been sorely (and I mean that in the literal sense) appreciated.) I started to train Dustin in my work and he invited me to come out to their annual meeting and train a group of his coaches and do some limited training at their annual meeting to help them to keep each other fresh during the grueling travel and work schedule throughout the summer. I said to them that ‘you use your legs and feet to such a great degree – now I’m going to show you how to heal with your legs and feet.’


I’ve long held a strong desire to teach my work. It shouldn’t be kept like the secret teachings of the Shaolin temple, for only a very few to know. The work is ideally suited not just for places like New York where it can heal people who although have everything imaginable at their disposal, have not been able to find other ways to recover outside of the unique effectiveness of this work. It’s ideally suited for third world countries, because it requires no money or specialized equipment – only a trained practitioner and someone desiring relief. I only was able to spend four days with them, during which time I must have treated over thirty people and gave around a dozen hours of instruction, which I am sure some of those students will be able to use to great effect with those around them. I’m anticipating returning and teaching them further in the future.

Homeopathy by Fiona McKenzie

Be aware that Homoeopathic medicine actually gained its greatest popularity primarily due to its impressive successes in the treatment of infectious diseases in the 19th century. The death rates in American and European homoeopathic hospitals from cholera, scarlet fever, typhoid, and yellow fever were typically two to eight times less by percentage than those in conventional hospitals. As a result of these successes, at the turn of the 20th century there were over 100 homoeopathic hospitals and 22 homoeopathic colleges, including Boston University, University of Michigan, New York Medical College, and Hahnemann College of Medicine.

If homeopathy can have such significant results in treating people suffering from these serious infectious diseases, there is little doubt that it can be similarly effective in treating the various common infectious diseases today.  Yet many people know little or nothing about homoeopathy. Even many people who are passionate about alternative medicine know little about the science and art of homoeopathy.

What is so different about homoeopathy?