Pushkar Mullauer, Zurich

About halfway through the 2012 edition of the 3100 Mile Race I was experiencing tremendous respiratory difficulty. It was strange in that it was summer and my breathing became quite difficult. While trying to run 60 miles a day, breathing is quite essential!

After just 10 minutes Art found a blockage in my spine and as soon as he cleared it my lungs released a copious amount of phlegm and within 5 minutes my breathing was normalized.

I knew Art was a musculoskeletal master but I never expected him to be able to help me with such a mysterious and subtle malady.

Without that treatment I don’t know how¬† I could’ve completed the 3100 mile race.

Pushkar Mullauer, Zurch

Sari Saghoian, M.D.

Dear Art,

I don’t quite know how to express what you have done for me. Whatever it is, it’s a very good thing. Your own words – about restoring the body I was born with – feel more descriptive than any others I can come up with. I’ve been living with tightness and restriction in my back and hips for so many years, and have tried many modalities of bodywork to try and relieve the pain. Many things have helped – for a day or two. The work you did with me feels more like a release than simply a relief. I immediately had more mobility and relaxation in my body. What’s more wonderful – and amazing – is that my muscles have actually continued to become softer in the weeks since. Even after two long-distance plane flights (which usually turn my back into a brick) my shoulders are still “down” and not tethered to the back of my skull like they’ve been winched up with a thick cord. I think I am breathing more deeply. This is very big stuff that you do. THANK YOU.

Sari Saghoian, M.D.
Professor of Toxicology, N.Y.U. Med. Center

Scarlett McNally

After 4 years of sensitive muscles and back pain, I found Arthur Jaffe via a Google search. There are few people in NYC practicing neuromuscular therapy and even fewer who do the job like Art does. He was my second try at finding a good doctor, and as much as I hate to admit it, he just might be my last. Make sure he teaches you about Breathwork – it can change your life.

Scarlett McNally