Teaching in New Mexico 2017

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I’ve spent a lot of time doing this work. There has been a lot of focus and time and energy learning it from Dyal Singh Khalsa and Mark Lamm. Both of them are gone now. I’ve always thought that this work should be spread throughout the world, and become as popular as any other somatic healing modality, like chiropractic work, Swedish Massage, Feldenkrais, Qigong, and the Alexander technique.

So being that Mark and Dyal are no longer here with us and that this work is so potent, whether or not I really feel ready, I feel it is time for me put more energy into teaching and impart to others what has so generously been given to me. With that in mind over the years I’ve given a little bit of training to a few people who are close to me, but last summer I decided to take the bull by the horns in a more aggressive way and I went down to Haiti with a UN affiliated NGO where I was a speaker at a conference on spirituality and psychotherapy –  and at the same time I worked with ten students from that group, teaching them to release the neck, shoulders and upper back. Following my trip to Haiti, I was honored to be invited out to Santa Fe to work with an organization of Native American runners, called Wings of America. What they have done for the past twenty-seven years is organize healthy, outdoor youth activities with a real focus amongst these activities in training those interested in becoming very skilled and effective long distance runners. This has resulted in many dozens of them gaining college scholarships and graduating from universities around the country. In point of fact, their field director, Dustin Martin, a graduate of Columbia here in NYC, has also become one of my students, and has enthusiastically embraced the work and become very effective at using the Spiral Techniques. Many of these people are college running stars themselves, graduates of the same program who want to give back. I went out and treated many of them and their guest speakers at their annual meeting, and then I taught a group of ten for a couple of days. I told them that they use their legs and feet with such great effect, and I was going to teach them to use their legs and feet to heal.The organization Wings of America, is very valuable to getting children and young adults, especially ones in the environments these children come from which put them particularly at risk, into healthy and beneficial physical activities. I’ve been honored with a request to return this June for their annual meeting and training.
Book time now before I leave! I will be traveling the first of June until the fifth. Thursday until Monday night!