Pushkar Mullauer, Zurich

About halfway through the 2012 edition of the 3100 Mile Race I was experiencing tremendous respiratory difficulty. It was strange in that it was summer and my breathing became quite difficult. While trying to run 60 miles a day, breathing is quite essential!

After just 10 minutes Art found a blockage in my spine and as soon as he cleared it my lungs released a copious amount of phlegm and within 5 minutes my breathing was normalized.

I knew Art was a musculoskeletal master but I never expected him to be able to help me with such a mysterious and subtle malady.

Without that treatment I don’t know how  I could’ve completed the 3100 mile race.

Pushkar Mullauer, Zurch


I meet Art on one of the races organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.. He was volunteering in the medical. After my first appointment in his office, I finally realized why everybody was so eager to get his help. His unique technique and profound anatomy knowledge makes him capable to release you from some problems that you was carrying with you for years and years and already give up the hope to be ever able to get rid of it.
Almost every time I saw him in his office, I experienced some small wonders afterwards. Like becoming back the sensation on the skin underneath of a long scar on the thigh that became numb after the surgery, more than twenty years ago. Or being able to run marathon and even improve the time, comparing to the last year, even tough, few days before I wasn’t able to run at all…
He is also able to give you valuable advices and show you exercises to do at home.
Since he is able to reach in one session an improvement, for which the other therapists need ten or more sessions, if at all, it is also good deal from the financial point of view.
I can recommend Art to everybody who already, unsuccessfully, tried everything to solve problems with their musculoskeletal system.
Also to everybody else, but the first ones will definitely be able to appreciate his work much more.
Last but not least, Art is also very nice person. With him, you don’t only gain a world class therapist but also a new friend ..