Daniel Preston

I am a former test pilot & parachutist. I have been involved in many crash landings and suffered a plethora of broken bones and injuries. The worst was a crash in which I broke my neck… Fractured was C6, herniated and ruptured were all disks from C2 through C7. I have refused corrective surgery, as the chances for further harm are too great and I have suffered extreme neural pain in my arms and shoulders for several years since.

Conventional treatment is has been a string of physical therapists, doctors and terrible drugs to control pain. This is no way to live… I finally couldn’t take it and researched an alternate approach. No pain medications, only a small daily dose of HGH to improve healing, exercise and body work from Art. Most physical therapists will not go near my injury and when they do its with the softest of touch. Art’s knowledge and confidence allows him to aggressively work near my injury and bring me great relief. Muscles that have been cramped continuously for two years and slowly loosening. My range of motion in my neck and shoulders is noticeably improving. My pain level is manageable. I can for the first time in years see the direction a treatment is going and predict recovery.

I would highly recommend Arthur Jaffe to anyone with a neuro-muscular injury, especially people that have had less than desired results with mainstream therapists & clinics.

Best Regards,

Daniel Preston
CEO/CTO Cacao Biotechnology