Sherry Bloom

“From June to August I had such limited use of my right hand that the simple task of writing was excruciating. When Dr. Leiberman diagnosed my condition as DeQuarvains Tendonitis, he called it the “Carpel Tunnel Syndrome” of the 90’s. The doctor prescribed physical therapy for 6 weeks, 3 times a week. I was told not to play tennis until I could perform the Finklestein stretch.

After the six weeks, I was still not able to play tennis and certain motions were still impossible. I gave up on the Physical Therapy as it seemed the only one benefitting was the PT clinic.

Prior to my session with you, I had played tennis a couple of times and needed to ice my wrist and elbow afterwards. I also took Motron to minimize swelling. However, since my neuromuscular therapy session with you, I now experience absolutely no pain after two hours of rigorous hours of tennis. My range of motion is restored to normal. I am able to perform the Finklestein stretch. And I experience no pain when pressure is placed on the large wrist tendon.

Not only do I credit you and your healing techniques for my recovery, I also credit you for the killer serve I now have. The two may not be connected, but I credit you anyway.”

Sherry Bloom
Computer Graphic Designer